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Dr Anbarasan Residence




Dr Anbarasan


Architectural Planning, Structures, MEP drawings, Interiors, 3D Visualization



Doctor Anbarasan's Modern Residence :

 Where Lifestyle Meets Comfort

Step into Doctor Anbarasan's residence - a bespoke home designed to cater to the demands of a dedicated medical professional. This custom creation embraces modern living, functionality, and a soothing sanctuary after demanding hospital shifts. 

A Personalized Retreat for a Healer The project revolves around crafting a spacious abode for Doctor Anbarasan's family. Their requirements are met with precision, ensuring a tranquil space that harmonizes with their bustling lives.

Features for Contemporary Living 

This home resonates with modernity, offering distinctive features. An isolation room, equipped with an external staircase for emergency situations, addresses the current climate's concerns. A generous gourmet kitchen encourages hosting gatherings, while a home theatre promises relaxation. A private outdoor space and swimming pool complete this oasis of leisure.

Crafting Dreams into Reality

 At Dwellist, we collaborated closely with Doctor Anbarasan, translating their vision into detailed plans. Our expertise ensures every aspect aligns with their needs. From concept to construction, we oversee the journey, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Your Sanctuary, Our Expertise

 Welcome to a residence that encapsulates lifestyle and tranquility. Doctor Anbarasan's home embodies modernity, functionality, and sustainability. Explore a space where healing and comfort unite seamlessly.

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