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How to Verify Your Architect's Credentials in India

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

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Hiring an architect to design your home or commercial space is a big decision. You want to ensure you're working with a properly qualified professional with the right skills and experience to handle your project. But how do you go about verifying an architect’s credentials in India? Here are a few key steps:

Check Council of Architecture Registration

In India, it is mandatory for practicing architects to register with the Council of Architecture (COA). This statutory body regulates the architecture profession in the country. To confirm if your architect is registered with the COA, you can use the official verification tool on their website Simply search by the architect’s name or their registration number. This online lookup will validate their credentials.

Ask for the Architect’s Registration Number

A registered architect is issued a unique registration number by the Council of Architecture. When engaging with a new architect, be sure to ask them for their COA registration number upfront. You can then cross-verify this number independently on the COA website to confirm it is valid.

Review Online Feedback and Testimonials

Checking online reviews and feedback about the architect can provide useful insights into their work and reputation. Look for testimonials and experiences shared by previous clients on Google, Facebook and architectural forums. Consider both positive and negative reviews to form a balanced opinion. But give more weight to recent first-hand experiences.

Verifying architecture credentials is crucial to avoid the pitfalls of working with unqualified individuals. Relying on non-registered architects can have severe consequences including:

  • Substandard, unsafe structure that puts lives at risk

  • Non-compliance with building codes and legal requirements

  • Lack of accountability and recourse in case of issues

  • Delays and extra costs for reconstruction or resolution

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